Interested in buying this domain?

This free guide helps you list your domains for sale and get them in front of the most searchers possible.

Cover for report title "Get Started Selling Your Domains" with image of hands typing on a laptop.I get a lot of emails from friends-of-friends that have heard I’m “the domain guy.”

These people have a lot of domains they’ve collected over the years and they want to know how to sell them. I get so many of these requests that I decided to write a step-by-step guide on how to sell your domains through GoDaddy.

My new guide explains:

• How companies and entrepreneurs find and buy domain names for their business
• How to price your domain names and how to list them for sale
• How GoDaddy and Afternic’s Domain Listing Service (DLS) promote your domains to potential domain buyers
• How GoDaddy can accelerate delivery of your domains to buyers and put cash in your pocket sooner

It walks people through each step with screenshots. It will help everyone, from the person who has never heard of the aftermarket to domain investors that haven’t yet connected their Afternic account to the GoDaddy domain manager.

And if you’re tired of answering people who ask you for help selling their domains, feel free to direct them to this guide.

Thanks to GoDaddy for helping by sponsoring the report so that I can offer it for free.

The guide download page is here.

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