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Non-profit that runs .org moves from PIR to

Website for Public Interest Registry, including the .Org logo and two hands holding each other than have the look of the earth's surface

PIR’s new website

Public Interest Registry has launched its new branding. And although the logo is what we expected, there’s a big twist: PIR has been relegated to the background in favor of .Org.

The group has even changed its main domain name from to TheNew.Org. When you visit, the logo in the top corner is for .Org instead of PIR and you won’t see the words Public Interest Registry until you get to the bottom of the page.

PIR launched a few domains as part of the new top level domain expansion but none of them have caught on. The new website seems to nod to the fact that PIR is all about .Org.

While this makes sense, I question the new domain it’s using. The New?

PIR’s fact sheet states:

The rebrand builds upon .ORG’s long-time support of the organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and individuals using the domain, but takes the commitment a step further by actively uniting .ORG communities around shared interests and passions.

So yes, it’s doing new things. But one of the big benefits of .org is that it’s not new. It’s trusted. seems like a good domain for an individual marketing campaign, but at some point, won’t make much sense.

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