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numeric domains

I’ve been writing quite a bit this year about the strong prices numeric .COMs are seeing, and yes, four and five-figure names are dropping all the time. That being said, seems to be getting some serious attention as it’s currently at $58,500 with 72 bids as of me writing this post.

On the other hand, another 5N .COM, is currently at $873 with four days to go and is at $2,075 with a week to go. It’s unlikely that is going to jump up into the five figure range in the next four days but I could see getting there…but nothing close to $58,000.

So I’m stumped. What makes such a valuable name, it doesn’t have an 8 in it, from what I understand 0 isn’t anything special, so what I am missing? Do you have a guess as to why this particular 5N .com seems to be getting so much attention?

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